20. Sep, 2018

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Steed enrolls in a prestigious Butler school to investigate a leak in Government secrets. Emma attempts to seduce one of the three main suspects, an RAF playboy known to the ladies as Georgie-Porgie.

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Steed enrolls in a prestigious Butler school to investigate a leak in Government secrets. Emma attempts to seduce one of the three main suspects, an RAF playboy known to the ladies as Georgie-Porgie. Government secrets are being leaked and there are three prime suspects, Admiral Willows, Brigadier Goddard and Group Captain Miles, all of whose butlers have recently disappeared. Emma sets out to seduce the womanizing Miles whilst Steed enrols at the school that trained the missing butlers and is run by their replacements. Whilst Miles proves to be innocent Steed discovers that one of the gentleman's gentlemen is behaving in a most ungentlemanly way. Somebody is leaking defence secrets to the enemy; there are only three suspects, one from each service; an admiral, a brigadier and a group captain. Steed dons suitable facial hair and uniform to visit each but can't determine who is most likely to be the culprit; each has a weakness; gambling, drinking and women respectively. The men have one thing in common; they all employ butlers from a prestigious Butlers' school. To investigate that link Steed enrols in the school while Mrs Peel sets about catching the eye of the randy group captain.

This was an enjoyable episode with plenty of laughs and a little twist at the end. Early laughs are provided by Steed's appearance as he visits each of the military men; the cliché facial hair is great; especially when he is posing as an RAF officer with a ridiculously impressive moustache! Later fun is to be had as he undertakes training as a butler. Mrs Peel's method of attracting the Group Captain is also rather amusing as is the revelation that he only carries on with so many women because his reputation demands it… he'd rather play board games with them. The bad guys are suitably unpleasant; I particularly liked John Le Mesurier portrayal of one of the bad butlers… so different from his best known role of Sgt Wilson in the classic series 'Dad's Army'. Overall this provided a good mixture of humour and drama making it a pretty good episode. Neat little episode in which Steed infiltrates a gang of butlers who serve in the households of high-ranking military officers, learn their weaknesses, and use those weaknesses as instruments to learn military intelligence to be passed on to "the other side." Mrs. Peel helps by insinuating herself into the desires of a womanizing RAF officer.

Most amusing scene is when Steed attends a kind of basic training course for butlers. He must learn the correct way to maintain a dignified presence while acting in a properly subservient manner. They practice their lines, for instance. "Your carriage is waiting, sir." "Did you ring, sir?" "Shall I serve the aperitifs now, sir?" "A lady to see you sir. (Q: "What does she look like?") She's, ahem, young -- and rather pretty, sir." Ironing trousers by the numbers, and all that.

Most awkward scene: The RAF officer brusquely tries to seduce Mrs. Peel who must put him off by gracefully ducking away and finally throwing him over her shoulder.

The familiar face of John Le Mesurier appears. If you don't know the name you'll recognize the actor. Other performers of note show up in one or another episode -- Gordon Jackson, Andre Morrell. They all seem to be having a good deal of fun.


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